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I wanna go home

Somebody someone

know my home

It's a tiny little house with a fireplace

and a kitchen and a cosy living space

Where I will read my books

listen to or play music

Write a poem or a song

My place where I belong


I know it's out there somewhere

For me my dog and my cat

Maybe there where I haven't been yet


Sometimes I do forget that

even before I left my mum's home

The streets at night I would roam

hands buried deep inside my pockets

My head hidden between my shoulders

gazing in cosy lit warm homes

murmering about happiness

escaping loneliness


I did travel the world

Saw many seas

I've been danced romanced

Lost old and made new friends


But it's really time to go home now

Can someone somebody please tell me

where or how

I wanna go home

Marcel Specht

"Time to go home" dit par Marcel Specht


"Chez soi"


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Article publié le Mercredi 24 Mars 2021

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